[Dragon and Phoenix] 4 Pcs Delicate Chinese Paper Cut Decoration


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Ships from Hong Kong. Paper-cut is commonly named window flower. It is the art of hollowing out, which appears hollowly clear visualization and offer artistic aesthetics to people. As early as in Han and Tang Dynasty, folk women started to stick those paper-cut in different patterns eg: flowers, animals, and historical man on the windows or door for ornament. Folk paper cut originated from daily life and activities. Paper-cut artists express their attitude and understanding to life and nature through the form of paper cutting, which is their emotional revealing. Material: Chinese art paper. Size: approximately 20*20cm(7.9″”*7.9″”). Designed with adhesive sticker, it is convenient to stick on the windows, doors, mirrors, desks, refrigerator, etc. Package includes 4 Pieces paper cuttings. Please note that the pattern and color may be RANDOM.

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